Procedure Information 【Sophia University Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance】2023

To students who are planning to study abroad

All Sophia students planning to study abroad (including those by leave of absence or by General Study Abroad program) are required to purchase a university designated study abroad insurance and crisis management service before the period away from Japan. Please complete the application form in the Loyola (survey/applications) at least three weeks prior to departure as possible.

Sophia Overseas Study Insurance/Crisis Management Services (OSSMA)

Outline of Sophia University Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance/application procedure and service registration

Please refer to attached slides for your information.
If you have questions, please come to the counter (Center for Global Education & Discovery or Sophia Campus Support Co., Ltd.).

  ◆◆◆Click here for the slides of explanation about insurance and crisis management service◆◆◆

Sophia University Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance brochures

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You need to choose an insurance plan.
1) For the short term (within 31 days), please choose Plan A.
2) For the long term (more than 31 days) Basic plan, please choose Plan B.
3) For the long term (more than 31 days) Basic Plan plus compensation for emergency dental treatment at your stay abroad(*Note1), please choose Plan C.
(*Note1: Emergency dental treatment refers to urgent dental treatment such as wisdom tooth pain, broken teeth. It does not cover treatment that continues from before the trip. The coverage is limited to 50% of the expenses incurred within 7 days of the start of treatment.)

Compensation contents

Personal injury or illness ※Cashless medical treatment available at designated hospitals.
First contact OSSMA helpline!

[e.g.] Illnesses and injuries that occurred during your stay abroad ⇒ medical treatment, interpretation, transportation, and continual treatment (you can continue treatment after returning to your home for a limited time.)
(In the case of actual cost medical treatment, keep all receipts. It makes possible to claim after returning to your home.)

[e.g.] Diseases that occurred within 72 hours after returning home are recognized as the disease that occurred during the term of your contract. Therefore, they are covered by insurance. ⇒ medical treatment, transportation fee, etc.
[Attention!] Required for medical examination and certification at the hospital within 72 hours.
(In the case of actual cost medical treatment, keep all receipts. It makes possible to claim after returning to your home.)
Personal belongings damages / Personal property for overseas student life [e.g.]Personal belonging damages due to an unexpected accident (⇒ Take a photo.)
Personal items stolen (⇒ Police report required.)
⇒ Consult OSSMA for claim procedure.

[Attention!] Not applicable for Loss or leaving due to carelessness of oneself

⇒ Consult OSSMA if you can't decide whether it's covered by insurance or not.
Overseas Student Liability [e.g.] : You have broken your accommodation. (⇒ Do payment once. ) ⇒ Consult OSSMA for claim procedure.
Baggage delay expenses [e.g.] : Baggage not arrived at the airport ⇒ claim to Airline Company/ notify the accommodation address ⇒ purchase some necessities during delay in arriving (keep all receipts)⇒ claim to OSSMA after returning home.
Flight delay expenses [e.g.] : 1-day delay in departure due to airline circumstances ⇒ Taxi and meal, etc. incurred by airline companies preparing accommodations.
(Keep all receipts) ⇒ claim to OSSMA after returning home.

About the fee

You will also be enrolled in the Crisis Management Services (OSSMA) with the insurance plan.

Please check the Sophia University Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance Price
(the insurance + crisis management service fee depends on your study abroad period).
Please check the final amount on the invoice which Sophia Campus Support Co.,Ltd.(SCS) will provide you after the application has been completed.

 ♦♦♦ Click here for the price list ♦♦♦ 

Flow of application procedures

① Check the slides about the explanation of the system and how to apply and register. If you need help, please come to the counter (Center for Global Education & Discovery or SCS).

② Log in to Loyola and click Questionnaire section and Survey/ Various Applications. (You can move from the URL below to the Loyola.) Select the application form【Sophia University Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance】

③ Fill out the application form until the end and send it. Please answer all the necessary items.
※N.B.: Don't overwrite what you sent once by changing the content afterwards. (The change will not be reflected.)

④ The following three items will be delivered to the mailing address written in the application form or you may pick up them at the counter of Sophia Campus Support (Yotsuya campus Bld.13th 2nd floor).

1) Overseas Travel Insurance Insured's Card (Insured's Card number is provided.) with Overseas Travel Insurance contract booklet
2) Crisis-management services OSSMA membership ID number notification
3)Invoice (Insurance fee + Crisis management service fee + Transfer fee required)

* "Certificate of Insurance" (if you applied) will be mailed separately alone. Bring it abroad if you need.
* Please bring 1) and 2) above with you.

⑤ Log in to the OSSMA Locator ( with the OSSMA membership ID number you obtained, and add your basic information, itinerary, etc. Also, please have your app downloaded on your mobile phone.

⑥Follow the invoice and make the payment by the payment deadline (before departure).

Notes on completing the application form

・ Do not forget to fill in the date.

・ Do not overwrite the application form afterwards.

・ E-mail address : Please write a verified email address abroad as well. There might be some domain addresses that are not usable in certain countries.

・ Program name : Check the appropriate purpose, such as "Exchange program", "General study abroad", "Study abroad during leave of absence", "Conference", etc. If not, select "Other" and fill in the information specifically.

・ Insurance period : Please fill in the date from the date you leave your home in Japan to the date you arrive at your home in Japan. [Home → Airport Overseas Residence → Airport → Home] Schedule of round trip full cover.
(If you change the date of returning to Japan, please contact Sophia Campus Support Co.,Ltd. (SCS) in advance. Mail is acceptable.)

・ Certificate of Insurance : A certificate of insurance will be available in English and other languages. If you need it when applying for a visa, or if you are asked to present it from where you will study, please circle to the language needed. (Issuance is free) However, it will take about 2 weeks to issue, so if you need it immediately, please submit the application form as soon as possible.

Apply from here

(1) When you fill in the application form, you will need the following information.
Please prepare the following information beforehand. Once you log in to the application form, you cannot save comments temporarily.
● Personal information (student number, department, date of birth, postal address, postal code, mobile phone number, home phone number, and your e-mail address)
● Travel destination information (country/state/city of stay (in English), university/program/accommodation name(in English)
● Insurance period (date of departure from home - date of arrival at home)
● Insurance plan (selected from the A23/B23/C23)
● Whether or not Certificate of Insurance is required
● Passport No./Passport expiration date
● Emergency contact information (Emergency contact person's postal address/Postal code/ mobile phone number/email address)

(2) Please proceed to the application form below with the above information.

♦♦ Apply to the "Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance Application Form" from the LOYOLA "Survey/Various Applications" ♦♦

Contact for Sophia University Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance

Sophia Campus Support Co.,Ltd.(SCS) (person in charge: Ms.Tsuruta, Ms.Hiruma)
Yotsuya Campus Bld.13, 2nd floor of the Fukudaya Building, 7-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554,
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (weekdays only)